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English - About us

About us - the too long version

As you can see, after more than a year of having a Croatian-only blog, we have decided to translate a piece of it into English. Don't expect this to turn into a habit, though. This blog is about bike-related stuff happening in and around Biciklopopravljaona [literally, BicycleRepairshop] and this is where we will share some photos with the blogosphere, forward useful links and calls on cycling trips etc. Maybe, just maybe, we will write something about cycling or about some especially tricky repair job we're proud of. But it would be best not to rush with promises.
After all, we're a lazy bunch.

You're welcome to comment and leave us any feedback you have here on the blog or on our e-mail (biciklopopravljaona@zelena-akcija.hr), but we prefer if you'd just come to our garage and hang out with us (Frankopanska 1, Zagreb, Croatia).

That's it for now, what follows is a text about the general idea behind Biciklopopravljaona and some FAQs.


The purpose of Biciklopopravljaona (don't break your tounge!) is to provide space, tools and advices on how to repair a bicycle to everyone who wants it. Here bike owners can find some of the more specific bike tools, and once a week here are volunteers who will help you fix what you can't do by yourself. There's no charge for that, but you might have to go out and buy parts that need to be replaced. Biciklopopravljaona will provide space, tools and volunteers (and rarely some parts we may have lying around).


First, this bike shop is based on DIY principle: you'll repair everything yourself or you'll learn how to repair it. Unlike other bike shops, here you can't leave your bike and come back when it's done. You can ask volunteers for advice and help, but we expect that you want to learn about your bike and are willing to get greasy.

Second, it is free of charge for everyone! Of course, you'll need to buy new parts if yours are used up (elsewhere, as we don't run a shop!), but none of the services we provide will be charged (tools, volunteer's help, space). If you're happy with the job done you can donate and support us: we can always use more bike parts, tools, snacks and beer for volunteers. Also, you're welcome to drop some cash to our donation box. All of the donated money will be spent on new tools and the expendables (various lubricants, grease, degreasers, tire patches...) which are also free of charge for all our customers. But, nobody is obliged to give anything regardless of the job done or amount of help received.

Finally, it is possible that you might find some bike part you need already waiting for you here. Maybe they were donated to us or we salvaged them from other bikes beyond repair. We're more than happy to give them a second chance on the bikes that pass through Biciklopopravljaona.


You cannot leave bikes to be repaired. The point is that you learn a bit on how to repair a bicycle. While you can ask volunteers for help, you fix bikes by yourselves. Bear in mind that our volunteers, though experienced, do not know everything. They probably won't be able to help you with some types of very high-tech, very expensive and very exotic parts. Also, servicing suspensions and hydraulic brakes is not something we typically do, at least for now (actually we, prefer old bikes inherited from your parents or bought in the flea-market :)).

Further on, Biciklopopravljaona's tools cannot be borrowed or taken out from Biciklopopravljaona.

Finally, our volunteers cannot be held accountable for any damage to your bikes or yourself (:D) caused by our advice/assistance or by tools provided in Biciklopopravljaona. On the other hand, we guarantee that all the help is given with utmost care for both you and your bicycles.


One of the more important goals of this project is to stop old but usable bicycles and spare parts ending up as trash. We want to gather as much old bikes as possible in order to restore them or use them for spare parts. So, if anyone has an old bicycle, no matter how deteriorated it is, you can donate it to Biciklopopravljaona. Better bicycles will be given for free to those who are willing to invest some time and resources into shaping them up. The really bad ones will be taken apart and used for spares. Believe it or not, some bicycles need exactly those old scrappy parts. By doing this we are saving natural resources and energy, but also your budget: it is cheaper to recycle than buy the new stuff.


Bicklopopravljaona's volunteers are on call every Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00.


If you don't need volunteers' help and need only tools and space, it is possible to come any other day if arranged so and if our garage is not being used for other purposes at the time. To arrange coming on other days please call 099 314 9694 (Eugen).


As said before: by donating old bicycles, parts, literature, expendables, money or simply by volunteering.


If you are willing and able to help others, come to the bike workshop during its normal working hours and contact one of the volunteers. At the beginning you'll carry out repairs under the discreet supervision of one of the older volunteers, and later independently (when we consider that you've reached a certain level of skill and act appropriately). You don't need to be a super-expert to help us. Even if your knowledge is limited to simple repairs such as patching inner tubes you can be highly useful. In any case, you'll only carry out repairs that you're sure you know how to do, and won't take on those that are not clear to you. With the help of the older volunteers you'll gradually increase your knowledge.

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